"The Experience of God"
"Many Names and Concepts of God"
"Several Understandings
of the Will of God"
"Prayer as an Avenue to Understanding God"
"The Bottom Line: Spiritual Death and Resurrection and Kingdom of Heaven"
"The Nature of Humans"
"A Short History of the Devil"
"The Meaning of 'Being Saved' and 'Becoming a Christian'"
In the Name of Jesus: the Meaning of the Words 'Jesus Christ'
"The Loss of Jesus Talk"
"Reconnecting Jesus to God"
"The Impact of Gnosticism on Christianity"
"A Basic Bible Reading Guide" - Old Testament Section
"A Basic Bible Reading Guide" - New Testament Section
"Straight Talk About the Book of Revelation"
"Errors and Contradictions in the Bible"
"The Books of the New Testament in Chronological Order""
"Autobiography In Five Short Chapters"