Response to "Relating World Religions to Christianity"
by Participants from First Presbyterian Church, Norman, Oklahoma

Comparing and contrasting world religions to Christianity was very thought-provoking. I loved seeing the common themes that weave their way through all prehistoric, tribal and other world religions. People, although from different times and places, are more similar than they are different.
– Tammy Cain

Thank you for a superb overview of Hinduism and Buddhism about which I knew little. I was blessed by the way in which you approached a daunting task. I really appreciated the balance you gave each other. It made your presentation very credible and enjoyable. The review of Hebrew thought, Judaism, Islam, and Zoroastrianism and the influences they had on Christianity made my brain hurt. I will stumble out of here needing several weeks to absorb, categorize, file and contemplate what this means to my belief/theology. Thanks for the opportunity to think about my Christian religion in a new context.
– Bob Vernon

Absolutely fascinating and mind-boggling. I learned so much and more importantly feel compelled to learn more. The more I learn about religion and Christianity, the more questions I have, but wanting to learn more feels like a gift. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
– Betsy Sieck

I particularly appreciated the format and organization of the workshop where the major religions were compared in terms of how the religions got started, the essence of each and their similarities and differences. This is the first time I have had the experience of looking at these religions essentially at one sitting. Other features of the workshop that were novel to me were how these religions fed off of each other and the time lines of their existence. Very informative and enjoyable.
– George Cross

Excellent and entertaining approach to a systematic overview and comparison of world religions. Covered an amazing amount of material in a thoughtful and enjoyable way. The workbook is excellent and I will continue to refer to it. Thanks for a great workshop!
– John Dmytryk

The more I learn, the more I realize how little I really know. This workshop has inspired me to research, to study. It has been interesting to have the three questions answered: how each religion started, the essence of each and similarities and differences. Since I am more visually-minded, I look forward to reading this workbook at home. Thank you both, Ray and Donna. You are a great team.
– Jean Roots

A wonderful workshop. You delivered all that you promised and more. I learned so much about other religions. I even learned about one I've never heard of before, Zoroastrianism. Great discussions.
– Barbara Tuttle

Very interesting! It will take time to assimilate all the information. I never realized the similarities in the different religions, nor did I know the origins of the beliefs.
– Patsy Klingstedt

This workshop covered a subject with a great comprehensive analysis of religions that fascinated me. It provided a well-organized wealth of information that I can use as a reference and outline to dig into future study, which I intend to do.
– Bill Miller

A synthesis of major world religions which gives both the novice and the expert a convenient ladder on which to hang significant ideas in an organized way. A wonderful orientation to different world views.
– Helen Kincaid

This workshop gives insight into the similarities, as well as differences, between Christianity and other religions. It makes it easier to understand actions of other people even if we don't agree with them. It's an enjoyable and interesting way to learn more about the origin and influence of others on the growth of Christianity. It makes one want to study and become more familiar with the Old Testament. Thank you for all the information. It is a lot to digest!
– Pat Hodges

This workshop has provided me with a plethora of new insights to struggle with. It has also provided a glimpse of relationships between religions and cultures that can lead to an encompassing understanding of our search for the divine. A genuine atmosphere of inquiry is created where questioning and investigation is encouraged.
– Doug Lyle

The workshop was well presented. Lots more to think about than I could quickly absorb, but the written material will be helpful later. The ideas were presented very succinctly.
– Cleo Haines

This is the best learning experience I have ever had. Thanks.
– Dax Aduddell (Youth)

Ray and Donna make a very effective duo. Thanks for expanding our thinking and opening our minds to acceptance of other religions, their ideas and practices. I feel very comfortable being a Presbyterian, a Christian, but I am pleased to gain understanding of others. You gave us a wealth of information to absorb. You two are brilliant and inspiring, and I want to learn more and more.
– Sally Matthews