References from Pastors concerning Workshops conducted by Personal Faith Program

"Only God has an accurate count of the number of seminars, workshops and retreats I have been involved in during my 38 years as a pastor in six different congregations. The workshop on ‘Personal Faith with a Passion,’ led by Dr. Ray Dykes, was the most productive workshop I have experienced with a group of church officers and leaders."
– Dr. Jacob Scottie Griffin, Virginia Beach, VA

"It is a grand experience to have someone with Dr. Dykes’ background and knowledge bring the subject of theology alive to church members. What a wonderful experience to have people come to their pastor and say they want to begin working on theological issues. The benefits to the life of the congregation are beyond measure."
– Dr. Walter Glenn Doak, Athens, GA

"Ray does an excellent job in leading lay people in this adventure. His wit, knowledge and engaging personality are surely gifts of God to the entire church."
– Dr. Philip M. Hazelton, Worthington, OH

"Last winter Ray Dykes lead our Joint Board Retreat, Elders and Deacons. It was the best, most uplifting, challenging and fun retreat that I can ever remember."
- Dr. Richard R. Streeter, Paoli, PA

"Ray’s informal, down-to-earth approach made a real connection with our leaders. He is articulate, learned, yet his approach helps people make a very practical and personal connection with their lives. He challenged and stimulated our faith and set the ground work for future growth."
– Dr. Donald G. Howland, St. Louis, MO

"Well, it surely was a wonderful weekend with you here. People are still buzzing. I haven’t heard so much theology talked about in a long time. I loved your animated presentation and the space you gave those among us who haven’t bought orthodoxy hook, line and sinker to see themselves in the great procession winding its way toward God."
– Dr. W. Terry Schoener, Severna Park, MD

"Ray gets the entire group engaged in the process of putting feet to their faith. His enthusiasm is contagious. Personally, I grab every opportunity I can to visit with Ray. He is one of God’s unique gifts to the Body of Christ."
– Dr. David G. McKechnie, Houston, TX

"I am convinced that whatever the group you have, be it officers or members in general, young or old, male or female, married or single, Ray Dykes with his dynamic leadership will help them to think, in new and positive ways which will be refreshing and stimulating to their own growth experience. You will be blessed by his skill, by his style, and, most of all, by the evidence of his strong commitment in his faith."
– Dr. William N. Jackson, Pittsburgh, PA

"The presentations and discussions lead by Dr. Dykes provided provocative insight and learning to the officers who participated. It was an agenda that forced spiritual thinking, in-depth reflections on past learning, and new opportunities to build theological and spiritual learning for the future."
– Dr. John Ross, Green Valley, AZ