Response to "Experiencing Jesus" Workshop
by Participants Nationwide

Learning about symbols, I have gained another tool to use to read and understand the scriptures. I believe this new technique will help me experience Jesus, and this will be the most exciting and uplifting and growing experience. You helped me understand better the time when Jesus lived and put things in better perspective. Jesus has become real to me for the first time, and I am no longer on the outside looking in.
– La Juan Fleming, Duncan, Oklahoma

I have received new insights into these theologically important subjects that have made Jesus more alive to me and showed me ways in my life in which I can experience him better day-by-day and year-by-year. Listening to other persons' descriptions of their spiritual death and resurrection has made me more aware of things to be looked forward to, a new birth and a new creation.
– Jim Stewart, Athens, Georgia

This workshop was excellent . . . wish it could have been longer. It has answered my questions about who and what Jesus was and is to each of us. I've felt no connection to Jesus before, but now I can see why God sent him. . . . We'll all walk away from this with a new experience of Easter.
– Julie Nekouian, Norman, Oklahoma

The workshop was personally rewarding in that I was given the tools and directions to use my abilities to see things I had not noticed before in the gospels. It is amazing to think that what I now understand should have been so obvious before. I have been to numerous workshops and seminars before. Frankly, most ranged from the juvenile to the trite to boring. That was not the case here. The time seemed to disappear. I thank you for a rewarding experience.
– Jim Filyaw, Fort Smith, Arkansas

"The Devil is in the details." This phrase is just so applicable. We can really get mired down in the details, like how old a biblical character is, how many years the Children of Israel wandered, etc., but we do not have to be in bondage to these facts. While the writings of the Bible should not be trivialized or ignored, the symbolism is really the place where we can start to put these experiences into practice. This workshop has just reaffirmed and freed me to experience Jesus more in my life.
– Ellen Schneider, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I have come to understand that the experiences of Jesus’ life on earth, the "landmark" experiences, are experiences that are also part of my life. When I can see the parallels, it allows me to know and identify more with Jesus, to love Him better, to serve Him better. It also helps me to know truly how much God loves me; that He has affirmed me from the time of my birth, through my baptism, my confirmation, and through every "mountain-top" experience of my life.
– Dodie Berry, Detroit, Michigan

I learned a lot about the symbols and what the symbols represent. I learned more about how I can identify with the life of Jesus. I experienced Jesus in many new ways. I have a better understanding of God and Jesus. I will definitely recommend this workshop to others.
– John Davis, Ft. Worth, Texas

"Experiencing Jesus" was a wonderful workshop experience. . . . Dr. Dykes challenged each participant to feel, live and experience the life of Jesus, rather than to simply listen and think about Jesus' experiences. I felt like the workshop was concrete and hands-on, rather than abstract and distant.
– Tamara Cain, Norman, Oklahoma

This has opened my eyes and mind. I now realize why some things have happened to me. This was a great experience in better understanding the life of Christ and feeling like I belong. This is a guide to help fit the pieces of life's daily puzzle together.
– Jerry Boyd, Fort Smith, Arkansas

This workshop was a real challenge in evaluating symbolic, historic and biblical expressions of what our walk with Jesus may be or could be or should be. To ponder some of our experiences with Jesus, we were made aware of his presence with us always.
– Marjorie Deitz, Virginia Beach, Virginia

I got a great sense of connection to the spiritual humanity of Jesus, and the personalization of spiritual death, resurrection and recurring transfiguration over my lifetime. I gained a perspective of events in life which, now viewed through greater understanding, can only represent God’s direct guidance of the course of life. I now have a reality-based understanding of the physical and spiritual world in which the man Jesus lived, as well as a deeply felt understanding that God’s spirit infuses the world with or without our recognition.
– Chuck Keppel, Detroit, Michigan

What I received from this workshop is a multifaceted window of opportunity in and out of which to begin my spiritual resurrection. It seems to me that Jesus' short teaching about spiritual death and resurrection is that "whoever loses his/her life/self, for my sake, shall gain life/self." Though it doesn't feel good or high, in dying spiritually on my own cross, I feel closer to Jesus! Maybe Jesus' crucifixion is God's transfiguration to us and the world! Thanks for helping me experience Jesus.
– Karen Whelchel, Athens, Georgia

The workshop title is "Experiencing Jesus." This happened for me. Dr. Dykes has a model that enabled me to learn from my own experience how my life relates to the experience of Jesus. Highlights for me were the recognition of God’s unconditional love being focused on me at my baptism, and how my spiritual death experience parallels that of Jesus. It enabled me to get my feelings involved, which is rare for a Presbyterian in church.
– Beezie Cooper, Ft. Worth, Texas

This was a wonderful experience for me to do some soul-searching, and working with the symbols was helpful to me to feel and experience a closer connection to Jesus. Writing down our own experiences makes you feel the pain, the joy, the blessings, but most of all God's grace. What a comfort it is to know that I am a child of God, and God loves me.
– Elly Gibbons, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Your workshop, which was very entertaining, reinforced the importance of seeking to resurrect your spirituality through experiencing Jesus, not just through a detailed understanding of the history of Jesus, but through what Jesus represents. I will be more confident in my faith, doing the best I can with what I have.
– Blake Norris, Virginia Beach, Virginia

This workshop on 'Experiencing Jesus' has been powerful. Your own conviction, combined with your gift of portraying vivid word pictures, evokes and engages our emotions, breathing life and vitality into the foundations of our Christian faith.
– Jody Casey Martin, Norman, Oklahoma

What I got out of this workshop was the wonderful feeling of being closer to Jesus, that he is my personal friend and comforter and supporter. Thinking about him and reflecting on his life reminds me again and again how much God loves me. I am reminded that no matter how bad things get, God is with me and the proof of this is the life of Jesus and how God was with him. The things that Jesus experienced in his life are like things I’ve gone through.
– Marion Benedict, Detroit, Michigan