Why the PFP for Non-Church Members

The Personal Faith Program was created from the awareness that around 60% of the households in most cities do not choose to be involved in the institutional church for any number of reasons. Yet everybody needs a pastor, defined as a trained and experienced theological professional, able to teach and counsel skillfully, and willing to accept people as they are, expecting no change. Every person in every household needs to develop a belief system to have a fighting chance of living a quality life. Without faith, there is no love. Without love, there is no life. The churches provide their members with pastors, but Dr. Dykes feels called to be a Personal Pastor to those who do not choose to be members of the institutional church.

Dr. Dykes could only spend 30% of his work time taking care of people when he was the pastor of a church. In the Personal Faith Program, he spends 80% of his work time with people. He has set the maximum number of households to be served at any given time at 100 households. There are no committees, no buildings, and no staff members. Small group gatherings are held in Dr. Dykes' home. Personal sessions are held in convenient locations.

Participants can expect personal contact with Dr. Dykes as often as possible. This contact may be initiated by him in a pro-active fashion, or you may contact him.

Dr. Dykes is known for his people skills and his communication skills. He is trusted and respected for his confidentiality. People of all ages have expressed their ease in talking with him about any subject. Dr. Dykes is a master communicator, and he listens well to what you say and responds appropriately and helpfully to your expressed spiritual need.